by: Diana Curran

The Beatle Girls came of age in rural Colorado when all they needed was love, but today, on the brink of sixty, they need fresh starts and second chances.  

Margaret can’t buy perfect love with all her money unless she first embraces authentic love with all her heart. Susan traded dreams for diapers in nowhere land, but vows to shake up her home life even as its foundation cracks.  Linda struggles with her addictions - work, her ex, and martinis - as she fights to get back to what really matters.  Kathy channels romance into her on-screen performances until a heartbreaking loss opens a long, winding road to real passion.  A reunion of their Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Sisterhood offers a little help from friends, but is that enough to endure the endings that will lead to their new beginnings?  

This light-hearted and insightful coming of sage tale weaves the memories, music, and magic of the Beatles through a year in the lives of these women.  A must read for Boomers and Beatles Fans.  


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