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Next Generation Dentistry: Running Creek Dental

The future of Dentistry is here.

One of the most common childhood fears is going to the dentist. No one likes to go, in spite of the fact that everyone knows how crucial oral health is and how strongly it is connected to our overall health. But an armada of new technologies and ideas will revolutionise dentistry and our outlook on oral health.

Dr. Larry O'Neill has been a dentist for over 40 years; he has seen it all. His lengthy experience and time serving as Inspector General led him to question some accepted practices and procedures. Dr. O'Neill found that some dental procedures can create a potentially infectious aerosol that hangs in the air for many minutes after the procedure is complete. This spurred Dr O'Neill to find a better way to practice dentistry.

This month, Running Creek Dental will open in Elizabeth. They will be using surgical-grade operatories with negative pressure air-handling systems that will allow for the most sterile work environment for the health and safety of both staff and patients. Not only is the new clinic using some of the latest, least invasive and most convenient new dental technology for procedures, they will also offer:

• Crowns and Veneers placed in one appointment

• Advanced Surgical and Dental Implant Procedures

• Laser Therapies and Drill-less fillings

• Sedation Dentistry

• CAD CAM Design and 3-D Diagnostic Equipment

• Sleep Apnea and AirwayTesting

• PCR Testing for COVID-19

• Invisalign Orthodontics

• Simple Diagnostic Blood Tests

Not since the development of composites in the '60s has there been such an exciting time of innovation in dentistry. They will not only change the way dentistry is performed and how dental practices are operated, but will dramatically improve outcomes for patients.

Dental industry - consider yourself warned; the bar has been raised.


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