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  • Amber Tueller

Traveler's Soul

Bret and I recently had the incredible opportunity to visit Europe and travel around the Mediterranean. What a beautiful area of the world! We fell in love with Italy especially and were immersed in the food and sites for a time. Each balcony, window box full of flowers, coffered ceiling, quaint village shop, and stunning vista spoke to me. The experience was a beautiful and exciting one and inspired me toward so many new goals. I want to become a more global person: reaching deeper into the samples of other languages I’ve attempted; becoming more cultured in history, art, and architecture (all of which Italy and Greece and Turkey had so much to offer); and come to know and appreciate how other people live. We learned about Roman emperors, royal families, brilliant artists, early Christians, and the Apostle Paul's travels. It was also a precious experience to have time to reconnect and enjoy a fantastic adventure with Bret. We spent some amazing time away together. What a romantic place to be. I am so grateful for it all. I certainly feel changed because of it. I love that travel can do that for us.


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