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About Us
The Tueller Family

We are Bret and Amber Tueller. We first moved to Parker 17 years ago. We have six children who keep us busy! Our family and our faith are very important to us. We love our involvement in the community through business, family, church, and school. Two of our kids have graduated from Ponderosa High School. Three will be attending Ponderosa next year and one will remain at 

Sagewood Middle School. Bret also enjoys coaching for Ponderosa High School and Amber can be seen substitute teaching around the district.  

Our goal with the magazine is to help small businesses grow. We also want to be a positive voice for good in the community and help to foster the great aspects that make our town unique.


Three Generations of Printers

We have been involved in the printing business for 25 years and are really enjoying the publishing business. 


Bret is a third-generation printer. Grandpa Tueller worked for a newspaper in Shelley, Idaho in the 1960s called the Shelley Pioneer. Bret’s dad grew up in Idaho helping his dad with the printing and he and his wife eventually began a printshop in Bountiful, Utah when their family was young. That business, Tueller’s Fine Printing, was started in 1983. Bret grew up helping around the shop and doing deliveries in the Salt Lake area. As a newly-wed, he went to work with his Dad on the press, as well as on the prepress design and set up. Later, Bret  and Amber bought the print shop and continue to operate the business today, providing print services in both Utah and Colorado.

Donald Dustin and Criag - Shelley Pionee
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