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Back to School

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Whether students return to classrooms or virtual learning persists, there will be a new look and feel to school. But how long will it last?


Back to school is a common phrase that brings traditional feelings and images to mind - families going school shopping, kids organizing backpacks, and school open houses bring a feeling of new beginning and excitement. Students are returning to

full-time learning and seeing classmates after the summer break. Summer is coming to a close and the crisp fall air will soon be here.

Going back to school this year will be very different. With so many unknowns because of the COVID-19 crisis, school districts are fielding a lot of questions and are having to put a variety of new policies in place. They have consulted with the Tri-County Health Department, as well as other health organizations. After feedback from a community survey and input from a special task force made up of educators, community members, health care professionals, students, and parents, the district has put together a plan of action for the 2020-2021 school year.

Douglas County School District is offering an option for families that are not comfortable with in-person learning to engage in remote learning from home. Many students will also be going back to in-person learning with a variety of restrictions. School start dates have been postponed to allow teachers extra time to prepare for changes. Douglas County School District has a comprehensive webpage answering frequently asked questions to help get a feel for how things will be handled and the restrictions that are required at this time. For more information, visit dcsdk12. org. See Road to Return DCSD 2020-2021.

Good luck to families and educators at this unique and challenging time!


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