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  • Amber Tueller

Celebrating Fathers

The influence of a good man in a child’s life is invaluable. In recent generations, our society has shifted its focus to include dads more consciously. These changes range from Dads 'n' doughnuts in the elementary schools to a huge increase in companies granting paternity leave, something that was fairly unheard of even 15 years ago. This shift has occurred partially to allow for a wide variety of families – with dads often being the primary parent in a home. I believe another reason for this push is a greater recognition of the need for fathers to be involved. They have such an impact on their families in helping to shape values, self-esteem, work ethic, and fun.

Fathers not only affect the lives of their own children, but so many around them. They can influence their children’s friends; youth in their church community; kids in the neighborhood; teenagers they work with; and students at school who benefit from their volunteering and teaching. Coaches get very close to their teams and have a positive impact on the youth they work with. Fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and cousins have an impact on those in their extended families. Younger fathers look up to older fathers and the positive cycle continues. There is certainly a greater ripple from each man than at firstseems obvious. Remember the reach you can have in your own homes and in the community. It is seen and felt.

As part of our June issue, we want to say Happy Father’s Day and thank you for lifting those around you!


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