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Chamber Music

I often compare the chamber of commerce to a big open room where people gather. It’s a room with many doors, each with a different sign on it. The door from which you enter depends on your professional needs.

Some business owners and managers want more profit and customers, so they come in through the Marketing Door. These are the folks who want grand openings, social media visibility, community awareness, and new customers. Typically, these are younger businesses working overtime to get a foothold in the community.

The Networking Door is for those who are sales-oriented. They know that people like to do business with people they know, so they are building relationships with others who might reward them with referrals. These are typically your service providers, from financial products,

to real estate and mortgages, to chiropractors, and roofing folks. These folks love our leads groups.

There’s the Leadership Door. This is the one used by the larger, well-established companies and bigger employers in the area. They want to demonstrate community involvement and investment. They typically step upwith sponsorships, serve on the

board, send employees to seminars, and take a longer view toward solid relationships within the community. They also tend to supportour advocacy effortslike our upcoming Economic Update event.

There’s the Social Door. These members come into the room because that’s where their friends are! They enjoy spending time with professionally-minded peers, perhaps sharing a beverage.

There’s the Affinity Door for those who want to be part of an influential community group. I particularly enjoy those who use the Affinity Door because they help publicize the organization with window stickers, social media posts, and website mentions. These members realize the value of being part of an active, engaged community network.

I’ve been a member of chambers since I launched my first business 30 years ago. I’ve walked through all of these doors, depending on my needs at any given time in my career.

Today, I find myself encouraging more members to come into the room through the Citizenship Door. The Parker Chamber is full of staff and volunteers who invest enormous time, talent, and energy to make the Parker business community stronger. Those who walk through the Citizenship Door might or might not come to events, participate in marketing programs, or hand out a single business card.

These members write their renewal check automatically because they realize that a robust chamber is an essential part of the fabric of a successful, growing local economy. The chamber nurtures businesses of all sizes, provides a venue for sales and marketing, and develops community leaders.

Whether you own a local business, work for one, or simply want to nurture the local economy,you’ll find a warm and welcoming gathering place at the Parker Chamber. Choose a door, and come on in.

T.J. Sullivan is the President & CEO of the Parker Chamber of Commerce. He recently celebrated his first year in that role. Follow him on Instagram at @parkerchamberceo.


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