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DIY: Refresh Your Space

Groundhog Phil might have been the bearer of bad news for some, but seeking out the silver lining of this extra six weeks of winter is easier than you may think.

As we wait a bit longer to crack open our windows,a relatively easy way to break the monotony of the walls within is through the magical power of redecorating.

I know, I know… redecorating can be a terrifying word. For even though we are excited by the vast possibilities of our Pinterested bedroom coming alive, we become paralyzed in the how-to of the real life details with seemingly minimal skill, a tight budget, and only optimism to light your way. But you don't have to be a professional interior designer to shake things up. things up. Moreover, redecorating doesn’t have to be costly, daunting, or reserved only for folks rich in creativity and artistic talent.To get you started, here are a few entirely attainable resources and creative ideas:


• Thrifting has become quite trendy, so scouting the details of your local thrift shops is key to snagging treasured items.

Tip: Make note of store hours for sale days, as well. Often thrift stores have half-price days. And, if you snooze, you lose!

• Craigslist is a phenomalresource for furniture, wall hangings, and materials for projects.

Tip: To get the most bang for your buck, look for postings more than a week old, or search keywords such as "moving", "must go today," etc.

• Estate sales are great when it’s still too chilly for yard sales. Tip: Another resource to pay special attention to is the hours of the event. Dealers love to be at the entrance at doors opening - join the big dogs!


Trading pieces with friends is sure to get some new-to-you goodies in your home for no cost at all, and make space by offering them yours.

Tip: Having an oral agreement that items are all on permanent loan will increase the likelihood of convincing your pals to swap their gems with you!

Paint & Wallpaper

Painting does require a bit of care and effort,but it’s relatively inexpensive, and transforms an entire room.

Tip: I have undying love for paint edgers. For less than $5, there’ll be no more hand brushing trim for this less-than-meticulous painter! Wallpaper today is not what Grandma has glued onto her walls. This may requirethe help of a friend, and a vacant bathtub to soak the rolls, but wallpaper is another brilliant optionthat will alter a room in lessthan a day.

Tip: Using a paint roller, apply a thin film of clear premixed wallpaper paste on the back of the paper. Upcycle

Repurposing and re-stylizing is all the rage these days, and what Pinterest was practically founded on. Utilizing trinkets you already own, and making them new again is fun, cheap,and can make for great projects with your children.

Tip: Paint/stencil furniture; contact paper the inside of bookshelves; recoverchairs, etc.

Utilizing items for purposes other than what they’re intended for is a sure way to spend absolutely nothing.

E.g. Stackup vintage suitcases to create a table; convert old wooden ladders into a new home for books; use drapes as a shower curtain, shutters for headboards, etc.

Room Swap

Walls can’t alwaysbe moved, but rooms can! The layout of your home doesn’t have to be any certain way. Look for ways to change the purpose of the spaces you have.

Tip: Are your livingroom and dining room interchangeable? Is the dining room hardly ever used? Throw up a rod, some drapes, and create a cozy reading nook.


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