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Gardeners Assemble

Do you enjoy gardening or would you like to get more involved in gardening? Consider joiningone of these groups in our area to gather with other gardeners.

Douglas County Garden Club

Phillip S. Miller Library, 100 S Wilcox St, Castle Rock This club gathers each month to learn more about gardening, visit private and public gardens in the area, and foster gardening in the community for a $25 annual membership fee. Their website says: “Our objectives are to encourage interest in all phases of home and community gardening, to facilitate better horticultural practices, to promote civic pride,and to nurture beauty in our community by protecting its natural resources.” Find out more at

Colorado State Grange: Sunflower Grange #162

1375 N PerryPark Rd, Sedalia

The Sedalia Grange is one of 38 that are left in Colorado, where there were once 400. It is an agricultural organization and much more, creating a community for people to gather and support service projects, activities, and scholarships. The Grand Heirloom Tomato and Plant Sale will be coming up on May 27, being the 11th year local volunteers have helped grow plants for the sale. Find out more at Find information about the National Grange and the upcoming gardening contest with information at


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