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Hot Off the Press

Girl Scout Troop 60547 put out a great magazine and shared it with us!

We had the opportunity to visit Girl Scout Troop 60547 in Aurora, which is made up of seventh grade girls, ages 12-14. We met with them at one of their regular meetings earlier this year. They were in the middle of creating a magazine and asked that we talk with them about writing articles and all the steps that go into creating our monthly issues. The girls asked some great questions about layout, photos, interviews, and the publishing process. We enjoyed getting to know them and found their inspirations to be inspiring. As we shared our experiences, we encouraged them on their journey to create their very own magazine!

The Troop succeeded in creating their magazine using a software called Canva. Their goal was to produce an issue geared toward girls around their age. We wanted to highlight some of their articles. The girls wrote about things in which each were interested. They created their own advice column, wrote about fashion, and shared what it is like to be a middle school girl. They also interviewed and wrote about a local high school athlete. They finished the issue by introducing each girl scout and leader, a very fun part of the magazine. The troop is sharing their magazine with the Girl Scout Association to possibly spread to others. We applaud them for all their hard work on a great project and wish them luck!


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