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Know Mo, Mr. Nice Guy

The Donut House is well known by local residents. But with COVID putting so many small eateries out of business, Moe refused to yield.

Homer Simpson said it best, “Mmm. Donuts.” Cake donuts, old fashioned, bear claws; donuts are a sweet indulgence that bring out the kid in everyone. Mo Aladayleh, owner of The Donut House and “donut maker extraordinaire” would definitely agree. His family has been serving fresh, delicious donuts locally since 2009. “We decided to open The Donut House to provide customers with our own delicious doughnut recipe.

Each scrumptious bite is sweetened to perfect and because our doughnuts are hand- made fresh every day, our customers come from miles around for the divine taste of a glazed, old-fashioned, cake, or cronut from us."

Just like everyone else during the pandemic, The Donut House took its licks

(no pun intended). The struggles of mandated closures, inflated vendor prices, and supply chain issues caused Mo to shut down five of his ten stores. Faced with the harsh reality of trying to survive, Mo was determined to help his employees through this tough situation. Although the businesses were struggling, Mo refused to lay any employees off – not one. Not a single employee was laid off due to financial shortages. Employees from closed stores were moved to other locations, given new positions, and even promoted in order to help them keep a paycheck. Mo even hired the manager from a competitor when they couldn't afford to stay open.

As the world got turned on its head, there came a glimmer of hope from the denizen of dough. He stood up to the pandemic and the chaos it caused. When I asked Mo

if he ever considered closing the Parker location amid his scale back he just said "No,

Parker is my home."


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