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Meet Mayor Jeff Toborg

Whether you agree with his politics or not, you should get to know Jeff

Lemoore, California; 1976 - A young six-year-old Jeff Toborg went up and down his street passing out homemade signs for the election campaign of Gerald Ford. Since that day, politics have been in his blood. Jeff ran for his first city council seat at the age of 18 when his grandma's senior center needed a new roof. Six years later he won his first elected office. He has worked for a senator, run a successful campaign for a mayoral candidate, and been an HOA president. Jeff loves to serve.

But even with his love of the political realm, politics is something he does, not who he is.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mayor Toborg and get to know him a little better. It surprised me how open he talks about things—not your typical politician. I found it refreshing as we talked about everything from RTD to our favorite movies. During our conversation, I thought about the vitriol and criticism that comes with his office. It hasn't dampened his spirit; he is as energetic as ever.

Here are a few things I learned about Jeff.

Jeff loves people. It is one of the things he loves most about being here in Parker. When I asked him what his favorite thing about Parker was, he said "I love the people, quite honestly, I love the people. There are few communities where you walk into, agnostic of if you're the mayor, or if you just showed up. Everybody's welcoming, everybody has a story they want to share with you about why they love Parker. Everybody wants to be involved in your life. There is such a sense of community...we rally around food drives, we rally around SECOR, Parker Task Force, you know, uh, Rob Nelson has his diaper thing and we rally around that. Parker gets behind everything. It really is that true spirit of community that we have here."

Jeff is a regular guy. He loves his family and faith fiercely. One of his favorite pastimes is watching his kids' activities and events. Whether it's lacrosse or a theatre play, Jeff enjoys watching his children perform. He tries to be a great dad, a great neighbor, and a great public servant. Jeff is a history buff who loves reading about past leaders and trying to mimic their leadership styles. He loves doing home improvements and tinkering around at home. He loves burgers, especially if he finds himself at Tailgate or Hilltop, two of his favorite eateries. He doesn't love the heat. If you invite him outdoors for an activity, he would prefer it not be in the dead of summer.


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