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Picture Perfect

Raemirue Photography

Why is photography for your business so important? A customer’s first impression of your business is usually based off visual content, as well as the vibe of that content. What’s your VIBE?

Your first impression matters. It is often a photograph that will determine whether the client will want to buy your product. Whether it is your head shot, or photos of the food you serve If you own a restaurant, photos convey a specific mood and influence emotions.

It might not surprise you to learn that about 75% of customers say that a quality image is essential to confirming their purchasing decision. This applies to both physical products as well as services. Yet so many businesses cut out this crucial aspect of marketing and don’t realize the impact. When you see a bad photo of a product, how long do you stay looking at it? Probably not long, which means you aren’t likely to buy what you just saw. Stop using your phone!

Your visuals make or break potential customers interested in your business and taking this approach could seriously hinder your business. Poor quality images can cheapen your brand, or can be associated in the consumer’s mind with poor quality food and this, in turn, can affect how many people walk through your door to try you out.

Photography brings connection to your product, and when we feel connected, we spend more money. How do you want the world to see what you do? The pictures you use are a reflection of the way you run your business. Using high quality photography communicates to the public you care about the details and creates confidence in your buyers.

Most businesses under-appreciate the importance of professional photography and the impact it has on traffic and sales. Even your headshot is important. Having a professional image of yourself creates a connection between you and your customer with a first impression. And people buy when they feel connected. Especially now.

I’m Raemi, a Colorado native and professional photographer. Over the last 10 years I have helped transform the visual presence of dozens of small and large businesses. The profit from investing in photography can be exponential. The lobster image you see here was taken by my mother, Dee, on a 1965 Hasselblad film camera on transparency. She taught me a lot about the art of photography as a whole. Photography is my full time business and passion. Thanks mom! You can find me in my studio on Mainstreet above Fika Coffee. By appointment only.


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