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Spring Clean

With the sunshine out and the weather warming up, it is time to put our homes in better shape. Open the windows, turn up the music, and inspire some spring- cleaning action!To break down cleaning the entire house, take each job as a 20-minute project and incorporate one or more each day. For some tried and true advice, here are some practical tips from the experts: Start at the top and work down. Look up. Use a static duster to reach your ceiling fan, cobwebs, and high air vents. Next – vertical surfaces. Dust picture frames and wall hangings. Spray the rag instead of directly onto glass, so moisture doesn’t get inside your frames. Use a warm, soapy sponge to wash walls without damaging paint. Wash windows when they are not facing direct sunlight, which can contribute to streaks. Dust window coverings. Freshen up curtains by throwing them into the dryer on the short “air only” cycle. Clean seldom-washed comforters and throw pillows. Check labels and wash/ dry with care. Vacuum both sides of your mattress and spray with disinfectant while your bedding is washing. Vacuum both sides of couch pillows and underneath. In the kitchen and bathrooms, dump ½ cup baking soda and ¼ cup salt into the drains. Follow with 1 cup of warmed vinegar. Let foam for 15 minutes to freshen drain smells. Run hot water for 30 seconds. Use lemon rinds to freshen the disposal. Clean bathroom surfaces with Soft Scrub. Pull out kitchen and laundry appliances to vacuum and wash behind and under. Remove fridge drawers and shelves to wash in soapy water. Use liquid dish soap to cut grease. Wash all kitchen surfaces. Use your hood vent each time you cook on the stove to keep grease, smoke, and odors from settling. Declutter cabinets and containers. Use the dishwasher for washable containers, toys, or parts. Finally, tackle the floors. Wash plastic- backed rugs and hang to dry. Vacuum other rugs on both sides. Vacuum hard floors to get in each crevice and use extensions for corners and under furniture. Set a warm, damp cloth on stubborn spills to soak for 10 minutes before mopping. Vacuum all carpet and along the baseboards. When finished, vacuum the bottom of your broom and wash in soapy water; then air dry. Replace vacuum bags and cut through thread and hair on the roller with a seam ripper. Beat your static duster outside on the cement to remove excess build up. Keeping your cleaning tools in good shape will help your house stay in good shape.Happy cleaning!


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