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The Bell Still Rings for All Who Truly Believe

We asked some of our younger readers what they love about the holidays. Their answers will melt your heart.

"I like Christmas because Santa brings me presents and we get to sing Christmas songs!"

Maya, age 5

Spending time with my family and having time off from school.

Henry, age 11

"To me Christmas is about celebrating Jesus. It's about giving, not receiving, and spending time with family." Bella, age 9

"I love the presents and Elf on the Shelf. I like new pajamas because they are merry. Christmas lights on the house is also my favorite. I think it looks beautiful and it makes me feel great!"

Vienna, age 5

"I love eating cookies, opening presents, and decorating the house for Christmas. It's fun and makes the house look pretty and

makes me feel like Christmas inside!"

Evelyn, age 5

Because we get to eat candy canes!

Brielle, age 4

"One thing I love about Christmas is getting to drink hot chocolate and play outside in the cold weather. I also like to spend quality time with my family and worshipping God."

Brandt, age 11

"I love Christmas because I get to spend

time with my family and friends. I like

watching movies with my siblings. I love

decorating the Christmas tree."

Henleigh, age 10

"My favorite thing about Christmas is

decorating the Christmas tree and looking at all the ornaments and making the house look like Christmas."

Kennedy, age 5

I love getting the family together and sharing presents. I also love the decorations and food!

Josie, age 8

I love the holidays because of the feelings of kindness that are spread throughout the world. I love that through all the struggles, the holidays are a time when we all gather together with our loved ones.
Carter, age 12

Thanksgiving is not all about the food; it's also about being thankful. Christmas is not all about the presents; it is also about love and spending time with family.

Karsyn, age 9

"I love the holidays because I get to see my grandparents, spend time with family, and eat yummy food."

Colette, age 7

I love the holidays because we can gather our families together and I love the special meaning and messages of the holiday season.

Taylor, age 12

My favorite thing about the holidays are Christmas carols and Christmas cookies. And presents of course!

Henry, age 10

I love Christmas time because I have family time and I know I am loved.

Millie, age 9

"Christmas feels special and everyone has joy. Probably because Jesus was born on Christmas."

Violet, age 8

Thanksgiving food with cousins!

Leo, age 9

"I love spending time with family and giving to others. I also love our family traditions this time of year. My favorite thing to do is decorate our Christmas tree with the ornaments my Grandma gives us every year."

Lexie, age 10

My favorite thing is getting our Christmas tree (we cut down our own in the mountains) and I love playing with the nativity figures when Mommy isn't looking!

Emmy, age 4


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