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The Year of Covid

As we take a look back at the year that was, there were many big news stories that affected our world. Wild fires raged, protests and riots for equality shattered the social structure, murder hornets emerged, and a new president was elected. All of these (and many more) headlines alone would have made this an unforgettable year, but 2020 will always be remembered as...


The Price of a Pandemic

1 - Travel Restrictions

Countries' borders closed to stop the spread. Tourism industry suffers its

worst year in decades.

2 - Economic Downturn

Small businesses suffered and many closed permanently.

3 - Social Distance

6 ft. apart has taken on a life of its own; even garnering songs

to be written about the trend.

4 - Elderly

We watched from afar or through plexiglass as our elderly were made to endure alone.

1 5 - Sports Industry Impact

Sports leagues from professional down to recreational suspended their seasons, then attempted to return with few to no fans participating.

6 - Masks

At first precautionary, masks have become a booming industry with their mandated use.

7 - E-Learning

5 COVID-19 has resulted in school shut downs all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children aren't in the classroom.

8 - Hoarders

Panic led many to flood their local supermarkets, leaving shelves baron and many without needed supplies.

9 - Zoom Calls

Be honest - had you heard of these in 2019?


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