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Way Past Visions of Sugar Plums

From pumpkin pie to eggnog, the holidays are marked by food

Photos Courtesy Of La Petite Creperie, Kneaders, Posh Cakes, and Kilwins

I can't think of the holidays without imagining all the delicious food that comes with them. Growing up that meant fudge, buttermilk mints, and sugar cookies. My mouth waters just typing them now. And a recent study shows I'm not alone, when 63% also cited desserts as a top reason to anticipate the holidays, with other top traditions being holiday movies, holiday music, and decorating the Christmas tree.

Holiday desserts elicit wonderful memories that people want to relive, recreate the next generation, and share with others. Whether it's baking night with the family, swapping holiday goodies with friends, or taking a plate of treats to the neighbors, desserts are intertwined into the fabric of our holiday traditions.

Locally, we have some great options to enhance our holiday smorgasbord. La Petite Creperie makes mini pumpkin pies, Posh Cakes can't keep up this season filling orders for their Christmas cookies, Kneaders offers a wonderful take on the tradional hot chocolate, and Kilwins can always be counted on to assuage your chocolate cravings.

Try some of these favorites or let us know yours!



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