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What to my Wondering Eyes

Robert and Crystal Kennah give us a glimpse into their winter wonderland

As I walked into the Kennah home one sunny afternoon, I knew my claim that the visit would last only 15 minutes was not likely to happen.

Holiday decorating was underway and a smile crept onto my lips the moment I approached their front door. Entering their gorgeous home, I was welcomed by two giant nutcrackers who flank a holiday greeting of "believe." And just like that, my holiday cheer had increased tenfold.

I was greeted by Crystal, and Alexa Nugent, owner of Design for the Holidays. They had been putting a few finishing touches on some of the decorations. They met last year after

Crystal had seen the article in Search Parker Magazine about Alexa and now they are fast friends. Crystal even invited Alexa and Scott (her husband) to their Christmas party last year. And it sounds like the party was quite the event, with a chocolate fountain and horse-drawn carriage rides. Although the party was a new thing for the Kennahs, celebrating the holidays is not.

Every year the Kennahs deck out their home in red, green, and white. They transform their elegant home into the proverbial winter wonderland that brings joy and magic at this time of year. And while the house looks like it can't accommodate even another single light, Crystal says she adds to her collection each year. Her inspiration for the decor comes from St. Nick's Christmas Store.

I was in awe of the trimmed trees, the ornate garnishing, and the sheer magnitude of the adornment. But my favorite part was the garlands. Everywhere in the home was accented with boughs of greens branches, accented by red and white embellishments. Every decoration was highlighted with glimmering lights that brought back those feelings of Christmas from my childhood.

Crystal said she doesn't have a "favorite" decoration, other than the ornaments her son, RJ, made. She just loves the whole season. She loves being home with her family, creating memories and enjoying the magic of the holiday season. But above all, Crystal and Robert love celebrating the birth of the Savior.


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